Italian wedding fever, why people want to get married in Italy

annalisa longhi collinsEvery time I look online while I do some research for my clients I always find an endless list of websites like: Dream Italian weddings, my Italian wedding, your Italian wedding, Italian wedding in wonderland (my website) and so on and so on, clearly Italy has a good reputation for dream wedding destination and I can only be grateful for this.

Italy probably is well known as a dream wedding destination because lots of celebrities make Italy itself and Italian weddings very famous in magazines sold worldwide, first example that comes to my mind is George Clooney.

First of all with his purchase of Villa Oleandra on the shores of Lake Como gifted the area with the biggest marketing campaign ever.
So many Americans I have met as soon as you mention Lake Como they go crazy, especially when I mention that I got married on Lake Como myself back in 2011.

I still think George Clooney should have married his gorgeous wife Amal in his villa on the lake instead than in Venice, like according to the rumours circulating weeks before the ceremony, but I can’t blame them. Venice it’s such a beautiful and unique city and the pictures of their wedding were just absolutely stunning.italian wedding

But remember that Italy is not just Lake Como, there is Liguria with its pearls like Santa Margherita and Portofino. Thanks to Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster who tied the knot at Villa Durazzo, followed by celebrations at La Cervara in Portofino, same story for British football player Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen. Or going back to 2006, do we remember the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at Odescalchi Fortess in Bracciano, close to Rome? This historical fortress is another beautiful Italian place where in 2011 Petra Ecclestone, daughter of Formula 1 boss Bernie, married art collector James Stunt, in a ceremony that turned out to cost 12 million pounds (it was revealed later on).

More “low key” and more secretive were Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, who got married at Borgo Egnazia in Puglia, a beautiful hotel on the Adriatic coast on the south of Italy, in the region nicknamed the heel of Italy. I might not be a huge fan of them but I couldn’t leave out of my list Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who tied the knot in Florence at Forte di Belvedere, of course with the whole wedding filmed for the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashian.

annalisa longhi e kim collinsOr what about American singer John Legend who married his Sport Illustrated model wife Chrissy Teigen at Villa Pizzo in Cernobbio? We always come back to where things started even for me, on Lake Como.

I did not forget of course other spectacular places like the Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Sardinia and so many other cities and towns which it could take me hours to mention one by one, Italy might not be such a big country but the choice of areas where to get married is really endless.
Lots of couples I have met have decided to tie the knot in Italy after a holiday there or after somebody they know talked to them about Italian weddings.

The procedure for foreign citizens to marry in Italy is pretty simple and straightforward and it could be done on a budget, if this is one of the requirements of the future bride and groom, so why not think about it?

Of course as a Italian citizen myself, I will always praise, love and promote my country and I am so pleased that so many people choose to get married in Italy, the choice of venues and location are literally endless, I can send to my clients lots of possibilities of venues but I think visiting the country is essential to decide where and how, and to fall in love even more with a place that it’s going to turn into “THE PLACE”. My next wedding is going to be on the shores of Lake Como, once again, and I cannot wait to see my British clients walking down the aisle, overlooking the calm lake at sunset after a sunny day at the end of July.

Annalisa Longhi Collins

Miami - Brighton