Music for your wedding, the 12 most beautiful songs

italian weddding lake comoI am not sure if the “fashion” of the first dance as man and wife has taken over in Italy too but for what I have seen over the years here in England and in the States, the first dance as married couple is a big deal for the bride and groom during the planning months, choosing the perfect song to open the evening wedding party with family and friends takes time and effort, and it might even causes some disagreements.

If I could get re married, right now, in this precise moment, I would choose Ed Sheeran – Thinking out loud as my first dance, I love this British singer and the first time I heard this song it moved me to tears, which is a good way to choose a wedding song, shame I can’t use for me but thank God I can suggest lots of songs to my brides!

So when I got married in 2011 my husband and I were combining Italian traditions, Italian venue and a bit of British to make my husband’s side of family and friends to feel at home so after the ceremony, the 7 courses lunch, wedding cake, speeches and boat trip around the lake (yes beautiful Lake Como) our dj friend to open the dances and despite not that many people were on the dance floor (the Brits were drinking outside and the Italians…chatting away and eating more!) so despite being just me, my husband and lots of kids on the dancefloor our song was Love Story vs Finally by Layo and Bushwaka…

Time marches on never ending,
time keeps it’s own time
Here we stand at beginning,
and then goes passing us by,
And I, I, I can dream for us all,
I hope I’m in a better state,
When here and now crumbles and falls and you,
you, you who make worlds collide
I knew you’d come knocking one day,
unannounced like a thief in the night.

I know dance songs might not be everybody’s cup of tea but it did work so well for us, this song is the only song I have saved on my IPhone and sometimes I just play it, in repeat, to live again that magical moment.

So here’s “my First song chart” for I would suggests to my brides:

1) Ed Sheeran – Thinking out loud
For romantic and emotional brides

2) John Legend – All of me
Amazing romantic ballad, filmed on Lake Como on john legend’s actual wedding day in Cernobbio at Villa Pizzo

3) Bruno Mars – Marry you
Fun, happy and cheerful song, a dancefloor opener

4) Savage Garden – Truly madly deeply
A bit old but always a classic romantic love song

5) Elton John – Your song
Nothing better than Sir Elton John to dance away on your first dance (the Ellie Goulding version is goo too)

6) Bill Medley & Jennifer Warners – (I’ve had) the time of my life
For Dirty dancing type of brides, and if your husband could pull that Patrick Swayze’s move you are on board

7) Enrique Iglesias – Hero
A bit an alternative first song but I do love Enrique Iglesias and I would love to have him as my hero!

8) Labrinth & Emelie Sande – Beneath your beautiful
Moving love song by this young British rapper

9) Whitney Houston – I will always love you
A classic ballad, an evergreen one

10) Rihanna & Calvin Harris – We found love
For party bride and groom, who must have fallen in love in a hopeless place too…

11) Taylor Swift – Love story
The story of Romeo and Juliet revisited, very sweet song

12) Katy Perry –Teenage dream
The perfect song for childhood sweetheart


Clicca e leggi l’articolo in italiano – Italian version

Annalisa Longhi Collins

Miami - Brighton